1. now why cant our stupid corrupt officials support our inventors,scientists
    and engineers.give them factories,capital so they can mass produce their
    work for the nation.that way they’ll stop going abroad.but no, the monkeys
    in govt. care more about their endorsements from the church and showbiz
    family/friends that will soon come to office

  2. pde yan solar panel s bubong.. dmi n s raon nagbebenta..
    start n b production nyan sir.?
    or pde din dynamo as alternator pra habang naandar sya kumakarga din sa
    battery at the same time..

  3. Most of the vehicles in the Philippines are hand built. From the jeepneys
    to the tricycles, they are all mostly the main sources of transportation.
    Enginuity may prosper especially when there are no hold barred.

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